Treat yourself to your favourite glasses in a variety of colours!

Like a particular model of glasses? Do you know that they're available in several colours, and that you can buy them all at a lower price? So you can always match your glasses to your outfit! Why? Because glasses are the ultimate fashion accessory!

Packs of glasses at discounted prices

So, we've put together for you a number of collections of glasses models with exactly the same frame or features (such as our flexible glasses).

Wish you could change your glasses whenever you like? 

Well, we've made that possible by offering you packs at reduced prices. (Even though our prices are already competitive!)

With SILAC, you can have your dream glasses for between 10 and 20 euros. And you can reduce the price even further by choosing a pack! 

And as an extra bonus (and a considerable one), delivery is always free!

That's got to be worth thinking about, hasn't it?

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A pair of glasses for every day of the week?

As someone who loves to dress in style, you'll enjoy changing your outfits to suit the day and your mood. As glasses frame your face, they are the first thing that people notice, so they deserve the same special attention!

Also, some glasses may not be particularly suitable for certain occasions. At work, you need glasses that make you look businesslike, whereas a laidback style would be more suitable for an evening out with friends, and a comfortable pair of glasses would be best at home.

Which glasses pack is right for me?

  • Our COLORFUL RUBBER BLACK pack. You'll love their soft arms and their frames which are big enough to suit any face. They're hugely popular with people looking for a touch of style.
  • The BEST PRICE COLOR pack. These glasses are our most affordable but do not compromise on quality, and it's often difficult to find them in different colours in shops...
  • The HALF-LENS COLLECTION. Half-lenses are the go-to frames for reading glasses wearers. They're perfect for those who like to wear their glasses on the end of their nose so they can look out over the top of them and avoid the magnifying effect of the lens.
  • The ALL OVALE FRAME pack. As their name suggests, these glasses have oval frames for a young and trendy look. And they are perfect for smaller faces.
  • The HISTORICAL FRAME pack. Our legendary and timeless frames, the blue chip product which made SILAC famous. Some of them are over 20 years old and they're still as popular as ever!

ALL FLEXIBLE is the only pack that contains glasses with different frames. So what do they have in common? Flexible arms - the softest and lightest we produce! So they're the most comfortable glasses in our collection!

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